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  Modest Mouse: We Were Dead Before The Ship Even Sank : Deluxe Edition CD Packaging  
The deluxe packaging for Modest Mouse's third Epic release illustrates the results that can come from a true collaboration with a brilliant, passionate client. In creating the custom packaging system we started from the ground up, holing up in the middle of a Portland snowstorm to concept with Isaac Brock and Naheed Simjee. A few late nights and at least one dance party later, we'd come up with a bold, unique direction for the packaging system.

The goal was to create packaging that touched on key themes in the album without being so specific that it precluded the listener's chance to imagine. The result is a striking and unconventional mixture of iconography and illustration mirroring the album's contrasts of tone and theme. The exploration extended to the packaging production, which features numerous metallic and gloss foil stamps, gloss and matte varnishes, embosses and debosses throughout the digipack and 32-page booklet.