Q: Will you "do what you do" for my company?
Q: Will you "do what you do" for free?
Q: Will you come speak to my school / professional organization / bar mitzvah / VFD demolition-derby?
Q: Are all of your posters screen printed?
Q: What is 'Branding'?
Q: The Decoder Ring Design Concern is an odd name. Why'd you choose it?
Q: Why do you sometimes show your work in a digital format?
Q: Complete this sentence: Everything is better with ____.
Q: Will you screen print my shirt or poster design?
Q: Can I be your intern?

Q: Will you "do what you do" for free?

A: Quite possibly not! We like to eat and to have a place to sleep, so we generally charge American dollars for our services. It's a revolutionary model, and one that seems to be working out well so far.