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Decoder Ring Diana Sudyka Jeremy Fish
James Victore Michael Sieben Gary Baseman
Dalek Aesthetic Apparatus Tara McPherson
  Art Print Series #5 : Aesthetic Apparatus : The Fidelity and Casualty : $250.00  
Aesthetic Apparatus delivers the fifth print of the Decoder Ring Fine Art Print Series, "The Fidelity and Casualty." It took 17 screens and 19 total layers to recreate the collage, designed by AA specifically for Decoder Ring Fine Art Print Series. AA's Dan Ibarra describes the concept simply— "It's about drinking." We did mix beer into the ink, so there ya have it...

You can see more of Aesthetic Apparatus's work at www.aestheticapparatus.com

Use the navigation on the left to view the entire process, starting with the original collage material. The process view continues on to the first colors and through each screen to the final print.

About the series:
The Decoder Ring Fine Art Print Series. is a collaborative effort between celebrated design studio The Decoder Ring and a select group of internationally acclaimed designers, artists and creative thinkers. Each Print Series artist spends a week in Decoder's studios creating original art that is then translated to a limited-edition fine art serigraph.

Each print is a limited edition of 100, with only 80 available to the public. Coventry Rag Archival paper is used, and the final print size is approx. 22x30 inches with an image size of 18x24 inches. All prints are signed, numbered and embossed. $250 will include insurance. Shipping is calculated at check out.