Orbit Whores. Leon Bridges
Mikal Cronin Neil Young Metz
JAMC Metz Decader
Spoon Whores. Pavement
  DECADER 10th Anniversary set : : $100.00  
Decoder turned ten and to celebrate we produced a special set of our favorite work. And since we are designers and not mathmagicians this tenth anniversary set contains 11 sweet posters. They have all be reprinted at 18 x 24. This set is limited to 100 and comes in a kraft envelope sporting a design by Lauren Dickens.

The set contains:

Slayer by Erick Montes
Kings Of Leon by Geoff Peveto
Beach House by Renee Fernandez
Dr. Dog by Elizabeth Roseberry
Justice by Ben Barry
The National by David Pappenhagen
The Hold Steady by Christian Helms
Lyle Lovett by Paul Fucik
Lucero by Geoff Peveto
Modest Mouse by Christian Helms
Interpol by Paul Fucik and Geoff Peveto

Click through view process to see them all!