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Erick Montes

Erick Montes

Erick grew up in Guatemala City, where skateboard graphics and Iron Maiden covers sparked his interested in design. At the tender age of 18, he moved to Austin to become a photographer but found himself designing posters, screen printing and drinking High Life in Geoff's garage as the very first intern for Factor 27.

Surviving that abuse mostly unscathed, Erick began working with Coronado Studio as a tech printer for Serie Project. He picked up more and more design work, and taught himself the basics. Still hungry, Erick packed up and headed to Portfolio Center to learn even more. He came back to Austin a hell of a designer with a sweet loan bill, an extra dog, and in need of a nap. Erick�s work has been featured in fine publications including Print, HOW, and CMYK, as well as on bathroom walls across the Southwest.

Fun facts about Erick:

He was a sushi chef for one day
Erick won second place in a track race at Winnie-Pooh Elementary, 1987
The man makes a mean ceviche
He drinks more coffee and beer than he does water
Born in Guatemala, he moved to the US and immediately became a Mexican